Collect all your loyalty points in one app,

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Tired of fumbling with numerous loyalty apps at checkout?

Struggle no more. Feddi allows you to link your card and reward apps for seamless points collection.

Set and forget

Install the Feddi app on to your phone and link your card/bank accounts seamlessly.

This is a one-time setup and allows us to give you the relevent reward points without you having to even touch your phone.

Download Feddi

Shop and collect

Shop at your favourite stores as usual. Your loyalty points are automatically collected into the Feddi app.

Store doesn't have their own loyalty app? No worries, we reward you with Feddi Coins anyways!

Earn points with no effort

Enjoy your rewards

Access your original loyalty apps to redeem your points whenever you're ready. You've earned it!

To spend Feddi Coins, you can either access the marketplace for deep discounts and/or freebies, or spend the coins for a status upgrade for perks at every partner merchant.

Maximize your rewards

Exceptional experiences tailored just for you

Explore new places and try out unique experiences based on your preferences. Enjoy complimentary visits or exclusive rates at a variety of retailers handpicked just for you.

Feddi = VIP

Just by being a user of Feddi, you'll be embraced with the VIP lifestyle - from reserved parking to complimentary drinks and exclusive access to experiences at partner brands only reserved for you.

Are you ready?

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